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About me

My name is Shrikant Gondhali, and I am known as Shrikant Sindhu Madhukar in the field of literature in the Maharashtra state of India. I am an engineering graduate in electronics and telecommunications. I did my MBA in marketing and have been working in the field of management for the last 10 years. My area of interest and expertise has been international sales. During my tenure till now, I have interacted with clients across different parts of the globe, which includes the US, UK, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Australia, and India. As a sales professional, I have successfully carried out different activities in the complete sales cycle and customer account management, which includes prospecting, market research, database management, cold calling, web and face-to-face meetings and presentations, inquiry handling, technical proposal writing, negotiations, and closure. I have worked with startups, medium-sized companies, and MNCs selling outsourced engineering services to companies in the building and infrastructure, plant engineering, manufacturing, and software sectors. Currently, I am acting as a director with Enpark Engineering (www.enparkengg.com) and Antarnad Publications (www.antarnadpublications.com).

I like to write, read, travel, learn different things, and meet new people. As an author, I have published five books under Antarnad Publications and have been helping new and budding authors and poets to publish their literary work. We have published more than 12 books by different poets and authors with Antarnad. I am well-known on Instagram as 'Ek Hota Kavi'. With Antarnad team members, we also participate in social work, trekking, and art events.

My corporate and art experiences have helped me learn a lot of skills. Working under superiors from different backgrounds has enabled me to see things differently. Throughout the years, I recognised myself developing in areas like communication, voiceovers, presentations, time management, training, project management, event management, disaster handling, and people management. I like to share things and find joy in seeing others improve. I am constantly in touch with the youth via different seminars in the colleges, events, surveys, and interactions via various social media handles and accounts. I have seen people who do not get opportunities just because they lack the above skills.

I have started this portal to share my practical experience and learning with people who want to excel in their respective fields of interest. Click here to know more about ongoing and upcoming courses.