FAQ Section

Integrated English Communication Batch (Q & A) 

(5 to 10 days)

7. Will we be able to speak fluently right away?

Will I be able to speak after 3 months?

8.  What is the course fee? Can I pay it in parts? 

The course fee for the online session is 5000 Rs. 

The course fee for the offline session is 8000 Rs. 

9. Is it online or offline?

Address for offline training >  the office club, office number 111, 

Runwal Plaza, Ram Nagar, Bavdhan, Pune. 

10. Will we get notes? 

11. Will I get the certificate?

12. Can I speak with old students to know more?

13. What is the registration process? 

14. Till when can I access the class recording?

15. Can I or my parents call you to discuss and understand more?